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Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter - Odor, light and sound control.

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The Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter will filter your grow system simply by covering up the fan port with a 2 inch thick carbon filter system.



1. Wipe off are with a wet rag to clean off dust. This won't stick if there is dust.

2. Dry the damp area with a dry rag.

3. Peel the sticker cover off of the carbon filter and stick onto the air port. Press carbon filter against the port to secure it. The carbon filter sticks using a very powerful sticker and will be hard to remove once attached so make sure you stick it right where you need it.


Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 2"
Weight: 3 pounds


Dealzer Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter - Odor, light and sound control

Filters smell, light & noise!

The filter mounts easily. Simply peel the sticker cover and stick against the open port to block it. From there, the filter will catch all odor and even a lot of the noise with 2 inches worth of carbon filter.

This works perfectly with standard sized 80mm-120mm computer fans but can work with any fan port up to 6 inches wide. It also works on all Dealzer grow boxes and grow tents.
(custom sizing available upon request)


  • Parallel Channel Technology for Easy Airflow
  • Blocks unwanted odor
  • Seamless Air-Tight Attachment (Peel and Stick)
  • Compact Space Saving Size
  • PC Fan Compatible

Dealzer Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter - Odor, light and sound control

How It Works

You will need a fan to move the air through your filter. The stale and hot air will be removed from your grow space and released back into the room, while the odor is absorbed and trapped by the filter.


Dealzer Stealth Carbon Filter - odor control

Dealzer Stealth Carbon Filter - odor control


Made durable in the USA.



Q- What is a Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter?

A- A Sticky Stealth Carbon Filter is a compact, odor absorbing air filter for indoor gardening. Avoid unwanted smells. Place the filter over your grow area exhaust vent for immediate results.


Q- How does it compare to other odor control methods?

 A - It is significantly more compact than “can” style filters.  It allows more airflow than granulated carbon. It actually eliminates odor, unlike pad filters. It does not add masking odor into the air, like gels and blocks.


Q- How does it work?

 A- As air passes from your grow area and through your filter, the odor molecules are trapped in the porous surface of the carbon filter. Our unique parallel channels create less air restriction than granulated carbon.


Q- How often do I change the filter?

A- The filter can last 5-10 years.


Q- Can I use this filter with my grow tent?

A- Our filter will stick to grow tent material.


Q- How do they attach?

A- Peel and stick your filter over the exhaust vent for a seamless and airtight attachment.



Dealzer Stealth Carbon Filter - odor control