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Scrub Daddy Colors Non-Scratch Flex Texture Sponge, Multi-Color, 3 Ct

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Brand:Scrub Daddy


Scrub Daddy has multiple colors that allow you to color-code your cleaning jobs. Scrub Daddy Non-Scratch Flex Texture changes texture based on your water temperature. Firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, soft in warm water for light cleaning. Scrub Daddy is scratch-free on over a dozen surfaces. The sponges are multi-color and will be a great addition to each room in your home. Scrub Daddy Colors are bright & smell great after weeks of use.
Scrub Daddy Colors is high quality engineered polymer blend.
Comes with a set of 3. You can color-code your sponge for different rooms in the house.
Scrub Daddy Colors handles all sorts of cleaning tasks with this set of scrub daddy color sponges
Completely rinses clean so it will not retain any odors or trap food and dirt particles for lasting use.
Innovative flex texture allows it to change its texture based on water temperature and can be used as a sponge or a scrubber depending on water temperature (soft in warm water, hard/coarse in cold water.
The hi-tech scrubber stays fresh, is odor-free, and never scratches.