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Cancer treatment methods and supplements

This book is a comprehensive compilation of over 30 cancer treatments. It is a result of extensive research on the methods cancer victors have used to make themselves cancer free. • Encourage you to be open-minded and seek all the information about your choices of treatments • Be a starting point for your discussions with your doctor or with the qualified, licensed physicians who use these treatments in their practices, or your chosen therapist. Please do not delay in consulting a licensed physician for an opinion if you suspect you have cancer. • Be a starting point for your own research so you can make the best-informed decisions about your treatment plan. The consensus of the majority of alternative cancer therapists is that the chance of full recovery using alternative therapies is almost 100% with a newly diagnosed condition of early cancer before any traumatic or toxic treatments have been received. Unfortunately, when most patients consider alternative therapies, they have already undergone other treatments.

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