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Why partner with us?

Partnering with Mavyans means benefiting from online sales experience, excellent customer service, and industry-leading e-commerce technology.

Mavyans is dedicated to making beautiful and comfortable homes accessible by helping customers easily and confidently find just what they want for less. With millions of email subscribers and unique visitors per month, our current customers are your future customers.

Mavyans retail is only accepting applications for areas related to home goods.

Brand Exposure

Get your product in front of millions of new potential customers every month.

Partner Platform & Services

Enjoy dedicated email support and powerful online training tools.

Supplier Fulfillment

Maximize shipping speeds and minimize cost with a broad suite of fast freight and consignment services.

CO-OP Marketing

Increase your brand and product visibility through beautiful eye catching paid ad placements.

Customer Data & Analytics

Explore real-time dashboards and comprehensive reporting that help you optimize marketing and drive business forward.

B2B & Government Sales

Expand your professional and government customer base through Mavyans Pro.